Master Plan

Yantai Water Park Resort Complex

Location: Yantai, China
Type: Hotel / Retail / Theme Park & Water Park / Housing
Date: 2010
Size: 310,972m2 (Total Gross Area), 67,666m2 (Gross Area of Family Hotel)

The resort is organized as a series of waves connecting the various components: water park to family hotel, family hotel to entertainment district and entertainment district to condo hotel. The water park is Hawaii-themed and has outdoor and indoor components for year-round use. The enclosure for the indoor water park resembles a crashing wave. The family hotel is an arced double-loaded corridor in plan and features two components: a 4-star visitor hotel and a family condo hotel. Units look over the green space on the south or have ocean views to the north. The entertainment district is organized as a gently curving street of 2-3 level restaurants, theaters, shops and activity centers. The condo hotel is arranged into 4 towers. Each has 4 units per floor and southern orientation. Many of the units even have ocean views. Both family and condo hotels contain ballroom and meeting facilities.