Cultural Centers


Location: Icheon, Korea
2,008.27 m2

Situated in the midst of a beautiful natural setting, this museum achieves a harmonious balance between nature and architecture, the Yang of the building and the Yin of the outdoors. It is representative of Korean philosophy, and provides an ideal environment for the museum's cultural focus. The museum's location is within the cultural complex where pottery is manufactured, and is itself a center for displaying pottery and art. PDI won a design competition with this project. The artist, after whom the museum was named, was designated by his country as a human national treasure. One of his favorite subjects to paint was cranes. We worked the crane motif into the plaza shape. Woljeon is the artist's pen name, which means "moon in the rice field." The original concept was to have the center of the plaza filled with water so that if would reflect the moon at night. Visitors can enjoy the artist's paintings from the inside, and see the moon and crane motif through the glass windows looking to the outside.