Seoul, Korea
131,122.00 m2

The site is to disturb the natural environment as little as possible and to create a forest stimulated healing experience throughout. A hierarchy of land use is derived and manipulated from the natural preserve that surrounds that site. Within, people can take advantage of experiencing the preserved forest, natural landscape and garden spaces in their own unique way. The site is divided into two major zones: active and passive. The active zone, located at the southern end of the site, is where the commercial attractions are located. There is a public activity zone that includes a river side park, mountain museum and sculpture garden, and a memberís only club that is exclusive to the residents of the condominiums. The passive zone in located at the northern part of the site along side of the mountains, where it is most natural. This area highlights a preserved and natural landscape with little developed space. The land that is developed is reserved for condominium housing and accommodating specialty gardens.