Dubai Techno Park

Location: Dubai, UAE
Type: Housing / Office
Date: 2008

The client's site for this project was a 103,000 square meter property located at the tip of the newly master-planned Techno Park at the western edge of Dubai. Our site is the point of entry or marquee of the entire development and will set the tone of the overall development. The resulting design was intended to give Techno Park a signature building with memorable figural or iconic quality. The overall building will include a multitude of meeting rooms, exhibition facilities, a state-of-the-art auditorium, food court, world class fitness center, and hotel and office space. The building program called for 878,500 SM gross building area.

PDI designers felt the scheme, with its enormous sweeping curve and well-proportioned square cutout, would be a great point of departure and iconic entry marker to this large planned development. Very early in the design process, PDI came up with a unique and cost effective way to create the compound curves associated with the scheme. The idea was to drape a translucent canopy reminiscent of a traditional Bedouin tent over four rather straightforward high rise structures.