Chongqing Gateway Plaza

Location: Chongqing, China
Type: Office / Housing / Hotel / Retail / Entertainment
Date: 20113
Size: 189,779m2 (Site area), 697,579m2 (Building area)

The Chongqing Gateway Complex suggested in this design offer upscale fashion shops, home furnishings & a department stores (duty free shops). These open air or partially covered centers have become very successful with busy shoppers who seek specific favorite shops, because they can walk around freely without being interrupted by vehicles. Our plans for this design provide streets to give it a sense of scale reminiscent of olden days main street. When the Chongqing Gateway Complex is combined with residential, office, condo hotel, officetel, central park and community uses, it can increase traffic and improve overall performance. Bracketed on the west and north by housing towers and on the east by office towers, the Chongqing Gateway Complex's Commercial & Entertainment Area forms the site's southern and eastern edge. Embedded within this design is the key idea of enhancing local and regional traffic / visitor opportunities by creating a green cultural and performance district to knit the site together. Located at the convergence of housing, office and commercial zones, the cultural district with central garden bridges them all by including elements intended to serve families, the business community, and visitors/shoppers. The at-grade Commercial & Entertainment Area also offers excellent visual interest from the Class A office and high end luxury residential towers above.