Busan Haeundae Triple Square

Location: Busan, Korea
Type: Housing / hotel / Retail / Entertainment
Date: 2008
Size: 770,885m2

Haeundae Beach, in the City of Busan, is a major recreational destination in South Korea. The project site is beautifully located at the east end of the beach with expansive views of the East China Sea. The site naturally divides into distinctly different functions. The north half of the site is dedicated to the residential, its entry and landscaped private gardens dedicated for the use of the residents. The south half of the site is a high energy area celebrating the Busan Hot Springs with a boutique hotel and spa, a water park, restaurants, and retail to take advantage of the highly active location on Haeundae Beach and act as a destination anchor for the east end of the beach. Like a tripod the triangular tower floor plan is inherently an efficient and structurally stable form which enables the design to efficiently construct a 150 story tower. The v-shape residential tower floor plan gives all the 1100 residential units expansive views of the East China Sea. Similarly the southeast or southwest orientation of the units provides excellent sun orientation and views, thus maximizing their desirability and market value.